1.  Go to openbadges.me

2.  In order to create badges, you will need to set up an organizational account and confirm your email address.

3.  Click on Preparing Badges>Badge Issuer, then on +Create Issuer.  Set up a Badge Issuer by entering information on your organization or school.

4.  Click on Preparing Badges>Graphics Library, then on +Create Graphic.  Then choose Build Graphic.  Give the graphic a name and a description.

4.  Start by choosing a shape and color.  Add inner shapes, icons, banners and text to customize your badge.

5.  After designing your badge, click Save Graphic. Then visit the graphics library and choose to publish the graphic.

6. Click on Preparing Badges>Managing Badges, then on +Create badge.  Select your graphic and then enter your badge details, criteria, and attributes.  Click Publish to publish your badge.

Congratulations!  You have designed your first badge!

Last modified: Sunday, 17 March 2019, 5:20 PM