DRAW & PAINT: Painting Prompt

Painting Prompt (15 points)

Dreams & Nightmares: Create a sketch on 1 or 2 pages of your sketchbook in either graphite or ink and add color to the sketch with transparent washes of watercolor.

You will be given new painting prompts nearly every week; I hope it will give you a chance to really explore different subject matter and genres of drawing/painting. Becoming interested in new things is hopefully one of the outcomes of this assignment. Challenge yourself by drawing/painting out of your comfort zone.

Criteria of the Painting:

  • This Painting Prompt should take you at least 30 minutes.
  • This Painting Prompt should take up the ENTIRE SPACE on the page in your sketchbook. There should never be one object drawn in the middle of the page with blank space around it.
  • You can choose the medium (watercolor paint, acrylic paint, ink with paint, or graphite with paint)

Before you submit this creative work ask yourself a few questions; these are all questions to consider before you turn work in to be graded:

  1. Ask yourself if you spent enough time to make this work the best that it can be, or did you just rush in the end to get it done?
  2. If you just rushed at the end, what are you going to do differently next week?
  3. Really self evaluate your work and your process of working. What can you do to improve? What does improvement look like?
  4. Did you take into account the different resources and artists/designers we have learned about in this class?

To submit your assignment:

  1. Document your finished work with a photo from a digital camera, phone, or camera app.
  2. Upload this image to your Google Drive AND add it to your Google Slides art portfolio.
  3. Return to this assignment page and click Add Submission
  4. Follow the instructions to put the working link to your portfolio into the Online Text box.
  5. Then, drag and drop your final image into the Online Text box.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Student Examples: