ASSIGNMENT: Describing Hillkurtz

Describing Alex Hillkurtz's Work (10 points)


Alex Hillkurtz is a contemporary artist (living today) who creates paintings with ink and watercolor.

In this class, we will be broadening our aesthetic vocabulary by completing a "descriptive words" assignment. We will be doing this same activity for multiple images throughout the course. You will need to use different words for each submission.

Step 1: Click on all of the "+" hyperlinks in the image below to learn about Alex Hillkurtz and see his art.

Step 2: Describe/critique this work of art using only 4 words. The descriptive words should refer to the emotion, feeling, or mood of the painting, the words should not be stating the obvious of what you see in the painting.

To turn in this assignment:

  1. Click Add Submission
  2. Type 4 words that describe the painting in the Online Text box. Be creative!
  3. Click Save Changes to submit.