Publish an OER in OER Commons

OER Commons open authoring tools that will allow you to build open educational resources, lesson plans, and courses.  Authors are encouraged to include overviews, pedagogical supporting text, and instructions for both students and other users of the resource. Lessons consists of sequenced tasks, which can incorporate a step-by-step approach to learning. Each task can have associated resources available for download.

  • Login to OER Commons and access the Lesson Builder authoring tool. 
  • While logged into OER Commons, click on Create.  
  • You will need to use the OER Commons Lesson Builder to build your OER. In addition to building your OER, it must be tagged and (where applicable) aligned to standards.  It must also be licensed. 
  •  If you are modifying other OER to create your OER, be aware of the type of license of the OER you are using. 
  • After publishing your lesson, choose to view the completed lesson.  From there, you can choose Save and choose to save it to your local or state OER Commons Group.